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Talento IN 


Product designer

User Experience Designer

Project duration

Sep 2020 - Ongoing


Talento IN is an e-learning platform and talent database dedicated to the practical instruction of essential skills and facilitating talent acquisition.


Many professionals face challenges in diverse work situations due to a lack of preparation and mastery over the soft skills. 

Professionals with developed soft skills show better work performance and boost business success, however these skills are not often approved in the recruitment process.


Talento IN offers courses with a practice based learning methodology specialized in essential skills seeking to  empower users to grow in their professional development. 

Additionally it offers recruiters and businesses a talent database with professionals that are continuously developing their skills and career growth.

Framework & Process

Discover → Define → Design → Deliver

We followed HCD process by first conducting user research. After synthesizing insights from surveys, interviews, and social listening we defined the problem and jumped right into the ideation phase. From sketches all the way to high fidelity wireframes, we gradually created the first version of the application. Right now, we are conducting beta testing and will iterate more based on the feedback we receive from users.

Copy of Talento IN Double Diamond Diagram.png

Discovery & Research

Although many professionals are prepared with the hard skills and academic knowledge their professions require, there is a soft skills gap - foundational for every profession - that is affects business success and growth as well as employee's professional development and work performance. 

According to secondary sources, talent development professionals and companies recognize it is more important than ever to help employees build the skills to grow their career and simultaneously propel business success forward. 


On the educational aspect - essential skills require an engaged learning process whereby people "learn by doing". Similar to technical skills, essential skills require to be put to the test through application.

Survey and interview results revealed the following user pain points and needs:

dato 1.png
dato 2.png
dato 3.png

Define & Strategy

Insight from potential users in surveys and interviews gave life to our user personas.

The following persona represents our primary target user.

Talento IN User Persona.png

Design Process


One of the most methodical stages of my process was sitemapping the end-user's application and the administrative application as it also represented the interactions and functions between both.

Talento IN Sitemapping.png


The user profile evolved into a much more organized design that presents information better grouped and in smaller chunks in the screen as the users scrolls by each section. This helps the recruiter users process, understand and retain the information presented in the digital resume easily. 

Talento IN user profile process.png

Results & Takeaways

🌟 The product is currently launched in its Beta version. 🌟

We are currently, testing and fixing bugs.

Below are some takeaways from my experience so far:


Design is an engineering challenge.

I learned along the way that design requires methodical and a well thought strategy, not only for the UX or UI, but also from an organizational standpoint.  A structured process and an organized team makes the difference in the development of a complex product. The more structured the strategy, the easier the process will be.


UX Design is an interdisciplinary superpower, specially in a startup environment!

As a UX designer and product designer I've developed many skills; from copyrighting, to content strategy, to web design, to script testing and so much more. Having a growth mindset - instead of a fixed mindset- is one of the most important skills a team player needs cultivate, specially in a small team.


Keep your eyes on the MVP!

When designing a product from zero, it is so important to keep focus on the essentials for the Minimum Viable Product. The amount of ideas for product capabilities that arise in the excitement of the process can derail many conversations and design decisions, in effect wasting precious energy and time in the thinking of possibilities. It is wise to keep possibilities in sight, but to lead the way with the present needs.

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