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Spotify's Premium Page


UX/UI Designer

Project duration

1 week - October 2021


Design challenge. 

Spotify Redesign.png

Objective #1

Refresh the page's visuals and integrate alternate branding

Objective #2

Improve Spotify Premium plan comparison

Discovery & Research

Research on Spotify's brand revealed how it has evolved recently into a more fun and attractive brand for users to enjoy.

It's descriptive attributes mention it to be adaptable, diverse, quality drive, warm and friendly and most importantly human centered.

As I observed, it uses geometric and simple elements that create a look and feel that is fun to experience.  For this reason this redesign explores these traits in a minimalistic manner using the distinguished hand drawing highlights and shapes to accentuate the information users seek and create an enjoyable experience. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 9.44.01 AM.png

Define & Strategy

Usability requires visual clarity, no information clutter, and flexibility and consistency in both the visuals and the text. The current design of Spotify's premium page is the opposite of these usability fundamentals.

If users spend too much time trying to understand the design, comparing plans and getting confused with non-essential information, as it occurs with the current design, the chances of generating new memberships are very low. They will leave before even considering a plan because information is cluttered and not strategically placed.

The current situation - to the date of this redesign - doesn't communicate the brands look and feel, much less it doesn't employ the fundamentals of usability. 

Current design of Spotify Premium Page | Sept. 2021



This redesign proposes a drastic change in the visual language, and the structure of the information provided to make it easier and faster for users to scan the text without spending too much time on it, compare the plans and decide which is better for their needs or desires. 

Final móvil.png
Final Desktop.png
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