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Sofia Jirau web redesign


UX/UI Designer

Web Designer

Content Strategist

Project duration

Sep 2021 - October 2021


Purpose driven redesign for Sofia Jirau's website and modeling portfolio making it easier to appreciate the model's talent and personality as a public figure.

Sofia Jirau Cover.png


Redesign the website for potential clients looking to hire or collaborate with Sofia as a model. Display her versatility and her personality as the influencer she is known.

Framework & Process

Understand → Research → Analyze → Design

I went through the UX Design stages for working this project. From understanding the needs of the client, to analyzing the current situation, to researching for optimal solution and finally designing. This process assured me and the client that the redesign was being done purposefully and with a strategy in mind. 

Discovery & Research

Modeling portfolios need to highlight the model above all other elements in the website that could distract the user from appreciating her work. Specially if the website is meant to attract potential clients.

As I analyzed Sofia's profile and career, I found other models with Down Syndrome from other countries and carefully studied their websites.

My findings revealed the following do's and don'ts for this project:

Sofi Web Proposal (1).png
Sofi Web Proposal.png

Define & Strategy

The look & feel of the website played an important role considering that the current design placed a lot of emphasis on Sofia's brand 'Alavett'. Strategically separating her career as a model from her brand was the main goal.

Sofi Web Proposal (2).png
Sofi Web Proposal (3).png

UI Design

Finally, the redesign portrays a more refined image of the model, displays her modeling versatility and shows her brand in a controlled and strategic manner. 

Portfolio general.png
Sobre mí.png

Results & Takeaways

🌟 Redesign changes are soon to be published 🌟


UX design needs to be applied for all sorts of websites. 

Knowing how to design for users and client needs is essential for all sorts of design goals. 


Redesigns are more than just aesthetic decisions.There must always be a 'why' for each change.

For a redesign, I think it is always important to analyze every 'why' and 'what does it say' for decisions made before and about to be taken. 

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