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Puedo Emprender


User Experience Designer

Project duration

May 2021


Puedo Emprender is a governmental initiative by the Housing Department that empowers individuals living in public housing to start their businesses. This case study portrays the digital tool mentors of the program use to find resources for their tasks.

Puedo Emprender Cover.png


Design an accesible and easy to use tool that enables participants to learn more about the initiative and apply for mentorship, while also enabling program mentors to access a private section for their resources and administrative needs.

Define & Strategy


Portraying access for users depending on their group was key in identifying functions.

Sitemap 2- Puedo Emprender.png

Design Process


Balsamiq was the principal tool for generating the low-fidelity and mid-fidelity wireframes.

Coordinador Landing.png


🌟 The initiative Puedo Emprender is an ongoing program. 🌟

Currently there have been no complaints of the tool's design.  

Due to the nature of the project the case study is short. 

For more information, I'd be happy to talk.

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